Monday, March 26, 2012

Hockey Monkey And Hockey Giant: Which Is The Best Online Hockey Store?

Anytime someone searches for hockey equipment stores on the internet, they are more likely than not to come across the Hockey Monkey and Hockey Giant online stores.  While in my last post I actually reviewed the Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick, I didn't have to pay for it.  It was sent courtesy of Easton.  It was very kind of them to let me try out a high end stick before it hit the market.  While it is always nice to be sent things, there are still times when I do have to order my own gear.  I have actually ordered my hockey gear from both of these top companies at different times.  So which is better?  Well, the answer isn't as clear cut as it would seem.

Most hockey players that surf the internet are probably more familiar with the brand name of Hockey Monkey.  They have a slick logo and have several spinoff websites like Goalie Monkey, Lacrosse Monkey and Homerun Monkey.  Their website is very professionally done with awsome graphics and a nice layout.  Their inventory is almost unmatched when it comes to their hockey stuff.  This includes both inline and ice hockey.  I also think they have several walkin retail stores around the country, but i've never actually set foot in one.

The other well known company is Hockey Giant.  Depending on the search engine you use, you will probably see this at the top as well.  While their layout is more simplified, it doesn't look as slick or cool.  It contrasts Hockey Monkey with a white color scheme.  They also have a good selection of equipment and their prices are comparable.  They don't have seperate sections for different equipment brands though.  Bauer, Reebok, Easton, and Warrior equipment are all under the same section.  For example: If you are looking to buy hockey gloves, all brands are under the gloves section instead of a subsection for their respective brand.  This is a minor inconvenience.

So, remember when I said that I have ordered from both stores?  Did I have any problems?  Yes and no.  I actually ordered the wrong size equipment from both Hockey Giant and Hockey Monkey.  I had to send both back, but customer service was extremely helpful and sent replacement ones in due time.  When my stuff arrived it was brand new and undamaged.  Keep in mind you can't return the equipment if it was used.  You are allowed to try on the gear to see if it fits.  Both stores seemed accepting of the fact that you can't always get the right fit the first time when ordering online.

In closing, layout issues aside, both Hockey Giant and Hockey Monkey had great customer service.  They are very similar stores and I would recommend either to any fellow hockey player out there looking to get the latest hockey equipment.

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