Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick Review

Easton Hockey were kind enough to send over their Stealth RS Hockey stick.  Big thanks to them as I don't think the stick is out yet at the moment.  I'm going to give it a little review with some pictures to show you what's it like.  First off, I'll showcase the blade.  I wasn't sure what type of curve I was going to get, but I like it.  It's not too curved one way or the other, it seems more midrange.  The exact specs of the stick written on the side says P3 Hall L5.5 85.  I should also mention I'm right handed, so they sent me a right handed stick.  The graphics on the blade are cool and the blade itself is very light on the end.

The stick itself is extremely lightweight all around.  It is so light it feels almost completely hollow on the inside, yet the outer shell is extremely tough.  I think it's composed of some kind of composite or carbon material as that is what most hockey equipment is made from these days.  I'm not sure if Easton will be selling Stealth RS Shafts with changeable blades, as the one I received was a one piece stick.  I've always stated that I wasn't big on one piece sticks, because they were too expensive, but I imagine it would be hard to go back to the two piece blade and shaft setup once you use one of these. 

How does it handle?   Very well.  Shooting is a breeze and slapshots as well as wrist shots can be done extremely quick.  I attribute that to the lightweight material.  I haven't tried any trick shots with it, but I can see the Stealth RS stick making it easy to pull off the michigan goal or a lacrosse style hockey shot.

The downsides?  Not really any on the features side of things.  Easton sent this over for free, so I did not have to shell out the cash.  I'm not sure what these are going to retail for yet, but it is an extremely high quality one piece stick in my eyes.  In fact, it's the most high end stick I've ever owned.  So, it's very hard to nitpick it.  I'll have to wait and see what the cost is of one these things to determine weather or not it would be worth it to pay for replacements.  If you are a high school hockey player, college hockey player, or maybe even a pro roller or ice hockey player I can see it being worth it to spend the money.  If you are just starting off, you might not need one of these.  I will say this though, once you try an Easton Stealth RS hockey stick, it definitely would be hard to go back to the lower quality sticks, because it most likely will improve your playing.  Overall the Stealth RS gets an A+ from me. 


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