Saturday, July 16, 2011

Armada Hockey Changes Name To Alkali Hockey?

What is Alkali Hockey?  Hey everyone, I recently wrote a post about Armada Hockey signing a pro roller hockey player to endorse their equipment.  I still think Osterkamp is a good choice since he coaches other teams and plays the sport at championship level.  I did notice something a bit odd since then.  I saw the youtube video change the names of Armada over to Alkali Hockey.  It also seems like their old Armada facebook page is no longer up and is replaced with Alkali.  I'm pretty sure they are the same company as they have the same logo and still show the name Armada in a bunch of the promotions.  If you ask me, I would've said to stay with Armada as opposed to Alkali.  It flows and rolls off the tongue better, but to each his own.  It still great that we have more choices when it comes to gear in the sport of roller hockey.