Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick Review

Easton Hockey were kind enough to send over their Stealth RS Hockey stick.  Big thanks to them as I don't think the stick is out yet at the moment.  I'm going to give it a little review with some pictures to show you what's it like.  First off, I'll showcase the blade.  I wasn't sure what type of curve I was going to get, but I like it.  It's not too curved one way or the other, it seems more midrange.  The exact specs of the stick written on the side says P3 Hall L5.5 85.  I should also mention I'm right handed, so they sent me a right handed stick.  The graphics on the blade are cool and the blade itself is very light on the end.

The stick itself is extremely lightweight all around.  It is so light it feels almost completely hollow on the inside, yet the outer shell is extremely tough.  I think it's composed of some kind of composite or carbon material as that is what most hockey equipment is made from these days.  I'm not sure if Easton will be selling Stealth RS Shafts with changeable blades, as the one I received was a one piece stick.  I've always stated that I wasn't big on one piece sticks, because they were too expensive, but I imagine it would be hard to go back to the two piece blade and shaft setup once you use one of these. 

How does it handle?   Very well.  Shooting is a breeze and slapshots as well as wrist shots can be done extremely quick.  I attribute that to the lightweight material.  I haven't tried any trick shots with it, but I can see the Stealth RS stick making it easy to pull off the michigan goal or a lacrosse style hockey shot.

The downsides?  Not really any on the features side of things.  Easton sent this over for free, so I did not have to shell out the cash.  I'm not sure what these are going to retail for yet, but it is an extremely high quality one piece stick in my eyes.  In fact, it's the most high end stick I've ever owned.  So, it's very hard to nitpick it.  I'll have to wait and see what the cost is of one these things to determine weather or not it would be worth it to pay for replacements.  If you are a high school hockey player, college hockey player, or maybe even a pro roller or ice hockey player I can see it being worth it to spend the money.  If you are just starting off, you might not need one of these.  I will say this though, once you try an Easton Stealth RS hockey stick, it definitely would be hard to go back to the lower quality sticks, because it most likely will improve your playing.  Overall the Stealth RS gets an A+ from me. 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

RIP To All The Russian Hockey Players Who Died In The Crash

Just got home and saw the news about the Russian Hockey players.  Its terrible.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Armada Hockey Changes Name To Alkali Hockey?

What is Alkali Hockey?  Hey everyone, I recently wrote a post about Armada Hockey signing a pro roller hockey player to endorse their equipment.  I still think Osterkamp is a good choice since he coaches other teams and plays the sport at championship level.  I did notice something a bit odd since then.  I saw the youtube video change the names of Armada over to Alkali Hockey.  It also seems like their old Armada facebook page is no longer up and is replaced with Alkali.  I'm pretty sure they are the same company as they have the same logo and still show the name Armada in a bunch of the promotions.  If you ask me, I would've said to stay with Armada as opposed to Alkali.  It flows and rolls off the tongue better, but to each his own.  It still great that we have more choices when it comes to gear in the sport of roller hockey. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Armada Hockey Equipment Company Signs Gerald "Gerry" Osterkamp

So, I was just checking out some youtube roller hockey videos, when I happened across one about Gerry Osterkamp.  Osterkamp, for those who do not know, is a MLRH player for the LA Pama Cyclones.  The Cyclones are known for their major successes in pro roller hockey tournaments as well as Itan Chavira, one of the best roller hockey danglers and a former ECHL player.  I also mentioned Gerry Osterkamp a few months back as one of the top ten hockey players on youtube.  Seems like I was right.  A brand new hockey equipment company called Armada Hockey has just signed him to promote its products.  It looks like he will be wearing some prototype skates with Mission or Labeda chasis.

While that's great news for Osterkamp, what's even better is the fact that we are getting a new roller hockey equipment company.  I've been saying for years that all this buying out of one another in hockey gear companies limits players choices and now Armada Hockey has just thrown its hat into the ring as something new and fresh.  If you pay close attention to the video you can get a sneak peak at some of the products that they will be selling.  I saw some sleak hockey sticks with a white blade in a golf bag, some multi colored pucks on an office desk and a skate boot design.  The names of the skates were seen on a board and I glimpsed  AR-9, AR-7, AR-5, and AR-3.  The numbering seems simliar to the way Abec makes it's bearings Abec 3 - 9.  Anyways, I'll be on the look out for more information regarding Armada Hockey and what their product line is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is The Bauer Straight Cut Tinted Visor Better Than Oakley?

Recently, I just bought a new hockey visor.  It is a tinted one by Bauer.  I think the official name of the line is Straight Cut Pro Half Shield.  I was debating on if i should buy this or the grey Oakley visor.  In the end, I decided to go with this and I'm happy.  It's not overly dark in tint.  You can still see the players eyes and it cuts down on glare.  I haven't had any problems with it fogging up either.  One of the positives that I found over the Oakley one is that the one made by Bauer is about 12 dollars cheaper.  So I don't have to go and spend 70 dollars on Oakley's grey tinted visor.  While I do have a bunch of positives to say about the visor, there are some things I don't like.

If you have a Bauer 4500 hockey helmet, the shield will not conform to the helmet, but the helmet gets pulled out to the shield.  I think it is because the sheild plastic is alot stronger than the helmet's plastic.  The helmets plastic tends to bend and get pulled out when you tighten the visor on it.  This isn't too bad, it just looks a little odd.  I'm sure with  one piece helmets that have strong plastic or carbon it won't do that.  In any case, I recommend you be careful when tightening or apply the visor to any hockey helmet.  If it is too tight, you may crack it.  I read somewhere that the visor will also move or slide up and down on the helmet a little bit, but I don't seem to have this problem.  Hopefully it won't crack, it hasn't yet.  All in all the Bauer Straight Cut is a good brand and I highly recommend it to anyone out there playing roller hockey.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top Ten Hockey Players On Youtube.

Ok, this is for all the hockey players out there.  I don't care if you love roller hockey/inline hockey or ice.  It includes both types of players.  So here we go.  I'll start off with the number one and go down to number ten.  The top ten hockey players of youtube are:

1.) Rob Hisey - This guy has done a whole bunch of sick goals and started the whole "How to do the Michigan Hockey Goal" Tutorials craze.  He even has fans claiming he is one of the greatest players of all time, despite not being in the NHL.  His most famous goal is the lacross style shootout goal.

2.) Itan Chavira - Itan Chavira is an interesting case.  He's a roller hockey player.  A pro one and a very good one at that.  He is sponsored by Reebok hockey and I believe he plays overseas as well as in the United States.  He actually transitioned to ice hockey for a few years and made it into the ECHL.  He was eventually cut from the ECHL team.  His nickname is the Dangler and he has a ton of videos on youtube of him doing some sick roller hockey dangles.  Say what you will about inline hockey, but there is a whole lot of talent there.  He also has his own mass of followers online.  He should've probably tried to stick it out with the ECHL and develop more to make it even further in the sport of ice hockey.

3.) Mike Ribeiro - Ok, this guy is in the NHL.  So what?  He had a cool goal that everyone plays rock music over in their videos.  Yeah, sounds kind of lame, but the goal aint bad.

4.) Alexander Ovechkin - Ovie has some good goals, but his most famous one is the one that they made a whole damn feature for in a hockey videogame.  The one where he fell on the ice but still managed to get a shot off and score.  It was ridiculous that game developers touted this as a brand new feature in a hockey videogame and made such a big deal out of it.  Still, a good goal none the less.

5.) Sidney Crosby - Ah yes, the best player everyone loves to hate.  He's had similar goals to Alexander Ovechkin.  He's also had more.

6.) Chris Avery - Probably the very first fashion guru/hockey tough guy.  He had a rule invented after him.  The Avery Rule.  It basically stipulates that you can't waive your arms around in front of a goalie and act like an asshole.  He IS the most hated player in the NHL, voted by the players themselves! He is popular on youtube though.

7.) Gerald "Jerry" Osterkamp - Wow.  Another roller hockey player.  I told you this sport has talent.  Look for him on youtube and see what I am talking about.  He has a slick and smooth skating/stick handling style.  I also believe he is sponsored by Labeda Hockey Wheels.

8.) Brian Boucher - His best years may passed him, but there's no denying that his no helmet save in 2000 was one of the best ever.

9.) Ron Hextal - He held the record for most goals by a goalie.  Nuff said.

10.)Steve Levine - Awsome roller hockey goaltender.  Check him out.

Where Have All The Old Hockey Equipment Companies Gone?

If you follow the sport of hockey, you know what I am talking about.  Alot of hockey equipment companies aren't what they used to be.  If you read Hockey Warriors Post On CCM, you'll know more than you need to.  Basically, its like this the gear you used to buy has probably changed.  We aren't in the age of options.  We are in the age of take over.  This company is richer, so it takes over that company.  This has alot to do with the economy and it sucks for us hockey players.  I know there are a whole bunch of new hockey players that don't care about this type of thing.  They don't care about Bauer, CCM, Mission, Reebok, Jofa or Cooper.  They only care about what type of hockey equipment Sidney Crosby wears.  That's understandable, but they should know wear such equipment comes from.  Of all those companies mentioned only two still really exist.  The rest are now taken over by one of the two.  It's basically Bauer and Reebok that own this sport now, atleast that's how I see it.  I don't know what they plan on doing with the other brands.  I know right now, I still see them in stores, but I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually get phased out.

Oh, and incase you were wondering, Sidney Crosby wears Reebok hockey gear.  This post is going to go off on a tangent, but did anyone catch HBO's 24/7 Road To The Winter Classic?  It was cool to see a behind the scenes look at the NHL like that.  I bet hockey gets more popular because of it.  I actually came away from it liking Alexander Ovechkin more than Crosby.  Ovechkin's life story was far more interesting and it was nice to see him and his team go on to win the winter classic.  I've come along way from disliking Ovechkin.  He just seemed cooler and less smug than Crosby.  If only he could out point him this year.  That's the only thing Crosby has going for him, he's good, but how can anyone cheer for him?  I just don't get it.  I guess that's the reward for destroying your washing machine or dryer with a hockey puck when you are young.  If I had one question to ask him it would be why choose Reebok?  Is it the money?  Or is their hockey equipment that much better than everyone else?