Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Easton Hockey A Top Brand

Easton hockey is a top brand as far as hockey equipment companies go. I think one of the most popular types of Easton gear that a player uses is their hockey sticks. Way back in the 90s, I noticed that the majority of the people I had played hockey with all had Easton sticks. Now, their blades may have been different, but the hockey stick shafts were almost always Easton. I think they pioneered the whole aluminum hockey shaft craze that eventually died out. I actually liked aluminum sticks as they were extremely light. I actually guess I caught on early, because even though I liked the feel of aluminum, I always went with a composite shaft. Hockey sticks made of Composite material is all the rage nowadays. It is so much so, that two-piece blade and stick combinations are starting to become less popular. The one piece stick is starting to take over. Hello Easton Synergy. The only down side I see to this is that these sticks cost a helluva lot more. They can range upwards of $100 sometimes even close to 200. Now as far as hockey sticks go, this isn't appealing to me, but you have to roll with the punches.

Why is Easton so great, you ask? If people just like their hockey sticks, can they really be all that good to begin with? Well, they make whole load of other hockey gear as well. Next to the sticks, I would say their second most popular piece of equipment would have to be their hockey gloves. Almost all my fellow hockey players would strive to have leather Easton hockey gloves. Some couldn't afford them, but the leather material was great and protective, even if it was a little more expensive. So sticks and gloves are I believe where Easton has outdone themselves over the years. So what else have they done? Just about everything. There are countless NHL players who wear their protective gear and skates and will vouch for them to the end.

I know what you are asking. How do their hockey skates fair. I can't answer this question unfortunately. As a hockey player, I've never tried them out. I was always too busy with my other favorite brand. I won't metion them here as this post is dedicated soley to Easton. That's not to say that the pros don't wear their skates. They most certainly do. With a little bit of searching, you can probably find the NHL stars that wear them in a short amount of time.

So, do I think they are the best brand in hockey. Well, that's a tough question to answer. I will say that they are the best for some types of equipment. The problem is that hockey players tend to get comfortable with different companies for different equipment. This is not unsual, but it makes it harder to answer a blanket question on who's the best? Quite simply, all the hockey companies out there do their work very well and make quality gear. If they didn't, we as hocke players would be talking about them, now would we. So weather, or not you like their sticks, skates or gloves I can definitely say that I think Easton is a top hockey brand in the sport.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hockey In College

College Hockey is the place that holds the key to the NHL's future. I know, I know, I forgot to mention that I'm going to take a break from talking about hockey equipment. Sometimes I like to focus on the other aspects of the sport or politics. Now, back on topic about hockey for the educated!

If you think about it, all the best prospects come from the NCAA hockey teams. There is still the Junior Division hockey leagues that have players that will go on to be NHL stars, but the hockey players in college far outweigh them. So, are you bored with the NHL hockey players and teams of the present? I know alot of people are, because hockey has been in a steep decline in its popularity in the United States. I think that this year, I'm going to give a look to the college divisions of hockey. The reason is that i think they are more hungry than the NHL stars that have already made it or hit the big time. The college players are going to be clawing and hustling their way to get into the National Hockey League and this is where the best hockey games come in. In fierce competition, the most exciting games happen. That's why a whole number of people do not watch sports until the playoffs. It makes sense, why get all upset over a team losing or winning if in the end all that really matters is the playoff and championships. I find myself not watching hockey until the Stanley Cup finals all too often. I really wish I wouldn't do that, but as someone who used to play hockey religiously, I'm just not excited with these NHL teams. So, College players, I'll be watching you this winter.

College hockey has always fascinated me for a couple of reasons. Every season, you will see some hotshot player do a trickshot. In pro hockey, you don't see this all too often. Ok, maybe from somebody like Ovechkin, who I must admit is an exciting player. I have said before that I couldn't stand him, but in truth hockey needs more players that stir the pot like he does. I'll have to check which channels run the college games. I know i've seen some NCAA hockey on ESPN sometimes as well as local sports stations. One more good thing about the sport in college is that the players where hockey equipment that protect their face. This means, you won't see as many injuries and because of the rules against fighting. I wanted to see hockey action when I watch a hockey game not boxing. Well, I've had my say on college hockey and the NHL, now all that's left is to sit and wait for the new seasons to start. Happy Hockey season to everyone!