Monday, August 30, 2010

Bauer Hockey Still The King?

Bauer Hockey, is it still the king of hockey equipment companies? I can't say for sure, but I'll weigh in on it. I think they are still doing pretty good. As of late, it really has become a two hockey gear company sport. You have Bauer which is owned by Nike and you have Reebok. Nike is such a huge brand name in sports, that they really don't have to advertise. In fact, I read an article stating that they only try to look cool now, because they are so well known. That's smart. What was even smarter was that Nike had decided to purchase a hockey company like Bauer in the first place. They already had a well established built in userbase and many hockey players gladly crossed over when the two companies had decided to merge. When two sports companies get together and decide to partner up a whole host of possibilities open up. Their technologies can combine to create the ultimate sports equipment. That is why we are at where we are today when it comes to sporting goods. I can safely say that I do believe we have the best and most useful hockey equipment at this point in time. That's only natural. So, Bauer is still doing good because of Nike, but their competition does have a slight upperhand.

Reebok followed Nike's footsteps not too long ago. With their acquistion of CCM, they paved their way to the NHL. The National Hockey League is where you want to be seen if you are a company in the sport of hockey. This is where all the players and fans see the logos and you can bet your bottom dollar that if a company's logo is on a major NHL star, they will sell some of their products to hockey players both young and old. Bauer hockey is still the favorite of many NHL players, but they are not the official equipment.

Bauer hockey makes great hockey skates. I have no problem saying that. I've actually owned a pair back when I first started getting serious in the sport of roller hockey. I'm going to assume that their ice hockey gear is just as good as their gear for inline hockey players. It doesn't take a genius to see that they established themselves very well in the sport. So, even though it is not the official gear in the NHL, Bauer hockey may still be high upon the thrown.

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