Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hockey Season Is Almost Over, Give Your Hockey Gear A Rest

That's right your hockey gear will make you sick in this weather. Its starting to heat up and summer time and hockey are not good bed fellows. Maybe you can find some hockey sales in the summer season, who knows? Clearance equipment is a plus side of the summer, but you can always get that on black friday anyway. Getting those best hockey skates can hold off until then.

By the way, I'm not talking about ice hockey. If you can play hockey in the summer time, the place must have an expensive air conditioning bill. I'm talking about playing street hockey. Yeah, its fun to play pickup games and choose teams, but make no mistake. You can get dehydrated playing hockey in the summer. Your hockey gear will make you overheat in about 10-20 minutes of playing. This will especially happen if the sun is beating down on you. Hockey equipment is heavy and unforgiving. Your body will not be able to breathe.

I played hockey in the summer time on many occassions. I played in 90 degeree weather and nearly vomitted. It wasn't fun thing to have happen to me. Yeah, I love roller hockey. If you love it too, you know that it can be hard to sit back when you could be out there scoring goals. Who wants to wear hot hockey skates anyways. Do you know how bad your feet will burn. Especially after skating hard? It's not worth it.

Just remember, everyone likes to play sports. Some sports cannot and should not be played in certain seasons. Outdoor roller hockey is one of them. Now don't be mistaken, if you find a good indoor hockey league, be my guest and join. You will be paying alot, but you won't get sick. So, give that hockey gear a break and wait until September rolls around.

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