Thursday, March 11, 2010

RBK 11k Skates Any Good?

I've mentioned that I plan on buying some new hockey equipment soon. I'm not entirely positive, but I may have mentioned that I plan on buying the skates first. So yeah, it's official. The hockey skates are what I will be having as my priority in this venture. I'm looking at the RBK 11k. I've always considered myself a very fast skater and I thrive on breakaways as my main scoring opportunity. I used to get a whole lot of breakaways in games.

Now before I get to Reebok's hockey skates and why I am asking this question, I'm going to talk a little bit about my playing abilities. Like I said breakaways were my main thing. I would get so many a game, I would lose count. I used to think this was good and that it meant I was one of the better players in the leagues that I played in. Now I'm starting to question it. Alot of it has to do with certain sports athletes I've been seeing in the news/press lately. These guys were stars at one point. They would score and outspeed everyone with their talent. Some even wore some Reebok gear themselves and we aren't just talking about Reebok's hockey gear here. The point is, they are older and their speed and youth is gone. They can no longer get as many scoring opportunities and their points have suffered greatly as a result. Does that mean they weren't really that good of players to begin with.

Some people have natural ability that helps them win. Others have game smarts and other game skills. Is someone who relies on speed and quickness to score a good player. There are people out there that rely on shot accuracy, stick handling etc.. If you get older and all of a sudden your scoring starts to drop drastically because you are no longer fast, were you ever really any good of a player? That is a question that I am dealing with as of late. I am hoping I still have my speed and I am hoping RBK 11k hockey skates will give me a boost if I've lost a little bit of it.

If not, I'll have to start practicing on other abilities such as passing, and shot accuracy. I used to just work on fancy stuff. You know, the finesse hockey abilities. I loved working on stick handling and my quick skating moves, but now they might not cut it. My slapshot has always been fairly week unless it was close range and from an odd angle. My wrist shots weren't always that great and my accuracy, while great at times, wasn't the best it could have been. Should I be focusing on trying to buy the best hockey skates? Should my focus be somewhere else other than getting RBK 11k hockey skates?

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