Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hockey Equipment I Plan To Buy Online

Hockey equipment that is online can usually be bought for less than actually going into a store and purchasing it. There are way too many other sports websites out there that give out coupons. Not only that, but there are also entire coupon sites that may have them as well. Trust me when I tell you that getting the right gear for the right price is definitely worth it. I'm all for what will improve a player's ability in the sport. Why should you go the online route? Well for all the reasons I've stated above of course. Besides, would you rather sit in the comfort of your own home and look at all the selections possible for your hockey needs, or travel all the way to your sporting goods shop to find out that they only have a fraction of the choices available. I don't know about you, but I would plan on going the online route for all of those reasons. Did I mention you don't have to move? Don't get me wrong, some people actually like traveling from store to store to have to find the equipment they are looking for, not me though. With that said, I'll get on with the rest of my latest hockey rant.

Ok, this post is going to be a long one. A real long one. How long can I talk about hockey equipment and the sport? Here's a hint. Very long. I can talk about it till the worst player in the history of the NHL recieves his first hat trick. Speaking of the NHL, well not the NHL, but the players in the NHL who played for the Olympics, how about Team Canada beating Team USA. I'm all for the USA hockey team, but congratulations to Canada for the gold. There's not a better way to do it either. They won in their hometown at the sport they invented. They needed the gold on that one. I'm going to have to look up what equipment and gear Team Canada's hockey team were sponsored by. Did it play a role in their success? I'm not sure, it may have just been that they had stellar players. Now, Before I start talking about want I want to buy online at a hockey store, I want to talk about the NHL itself and some recent commentary I heard on the radio.

I was listening to some sports radio the other day and the show's host was in a discussion with a hockey fan who called in. They both wanted to ditch the fighting aspect of the NHL. They hated seeing the big dumb guys drop their gloves and hockey gear and go at it. They felt it ruined the pace of the sport of hockey and that in the Olympics, the games were much more exciting, because of the lack of fighting. They wanted to kick fighting out of the sport. The only reason they think the NHL even allows it, because some of the fans wouldn't go to games unless they might see a fight. I kind of agree with them, but If they were to ban fighting all together I might miss it. I myself as a hockey player am more into the hockey equipment and the affect it has on my performance than going in there at taking another player out. My main focus is always the goal and my second focus is my actual hockey gear itself. I just that I would let you know how I felt on that topic, because it is an interesting one to touch on. Now that I've got that out of the way, on to my title post.

I plan on buying some hockey equipment real soon. I also plan on purchasing it from an online store. I'm leaning in one direction right now, I will not say which store it is at the moment. I'll wait until after I bought my gear to let you know if it was a good experience or not. Lord knows I've had some bad experiences with online hockey stores. This time, I know who not to buy from. I also plan on walking into a regular sports retail store and seeing if I can get it the gear cheaper there than online. Sometimes it happens. The problem with online store coupons is that they expire and you won't know if some work until after you have added everything into your shopping cart. That's not the only reason I'll be visiting my local sports shop. I also wish to try out my equipment first to see if it fits. There's nothing worse than having something shipped to you to learn you have to ship it all the way back if it doesn't fit right. I've had this happen with a pair of hockey pants. I won't make the same mistake again on that issue.

So what equipment do I need? Well it's more like what equipment do I want, but I'll go through a list of each and what I'll probably get. I'm happy with my Mission hockey shin pads, so I won't be getting new ones of those. I don't plan on buying any elbow pads either. I have a pair of Jofa ones. I have a Mission Carbon hockey helmet, but I plan to switch it up a bit. I am thinking about getting a Bauer 4500 helmet. I'll probably go for the color red. No reason other than I've pretty much used white hockey helmets my whole life and I am bored with the color. I also want to get a black cage to protect my face, but I also plan modifying. Yeah, sometimes I like my own custom hockey gear. I may cut out some of the wires and replace them with a shield of my liking. I know they sell shield and cage combos, but they aren't what I am looking for. So I figure I'll just make my own gear. I've always been a fan of Bauer helmets, ever since they bought Cooper. My oldest hockey helmet is an old white Cooper one. So yeah, the 4500 helmet that they are selling now brings back memories. The design is similar, but a little updated atleast in my opinion.

I do like my Mission hockey pants, but if I decide to get new ones, I probably won't go with them again. I've been looking at a few pairs and the only ones that have caught my eye are the ones made by Hyper. The Hyper Pro hockey pants look awsome. They are also reversible too. You can turn them inside out and they change from home to away colors. It's actually a pretty cool idea. I'd like to see some jerseys designed like that. On second thought I do see a pair of Mission hockey pants as I sit here and type this that I think look really cool. They are the Mission Boss hockey pants and they aren't too expensive either. They are rather cheap compared to the Hyper pants. They are also on clearance. This will be a tough decision and will probably come down to the price.

Now on to one of the lesser pieces of gear that I tend to care about. Don't get me wrong, hockey gloves are important. I need to have them. I just don't go crazy with purchasing the most expensive gloves on the market. As long as they fit and are comfortable, then they're good with me. I am curious about buying some leather hockey gloves. I am looking for a light weight pair with good protection. I'm currently looking at some pro stock gloves, but I'm not so sure about the price. Easton stealth doesn't look like such a bad choice either. I like the
RBK Pro Stock 9K gloves too. It seems I may put more thought into the gloves this time than I have in my previous hockey equipment choices.

I think the last thing on my hockey equipment list would be my skates. I'm going to try and find the best hockey skates I possibly can for the best price. To me, it's the most important piece of gear I'll be buying. I want them to be light. I want the skates to be fast and I want them to be tough. I like my skate boots to fit tight and because of that I'm going to go with either Bauer or Reebok Hockey skates. I like the way Bauer's skates in general fit. I'm currently looking at the Bauer Vapor RX 25 skates. They aren't too expensive and they come with abec 9 bearings. The Labeda wheels look good too, so I won't have to replace them right out of the box. On the Reebok side of skates, I'm looking at the RBK 9k crimson shadow pump skates. I like the idea of being able to make my skates tighter just by utilizing the pump. I'll have to try it on in a store first to see how I like the fit.

That's pretty much it. So now you have the run down on what I plan to get. I enjoy all aspects of hockey, but first and foremost, I am an offensive player. This is basically what I make all my decisions on when I decide to shop for hockey stuff. Defensive hockey players may differ in their opinion on what is important for them. I also know goalies would have a different set of choices for everything, because their equipment is different. I'm not sure if anyone agrees with my choices of product for hockey, or the reasons I choose them. I would be interested in hearing anyone's thoughts on it though. Just drop me a line if you ever want to let me know about any hockey equipment.

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