Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easton Hockey Equipment

I've gone through buying and using alot of hockey equipment in my day. Back when I was younger, I would go to CCM or Bauer for my skates. Easton also offered skates, but I never thought they were that good. Obviously times have changed alot since then. I've gone to some hockey store websites and noticed that they look like they are better built. Are Easton hockey skates better now? If someone out there can answer that for me, please do so. The Easton Stealth and Easton Synergy skates look pretty cool. The designs are really slick. I would like to try them out.

I'm not saying Easton is a bad company or anything. They aren't, they are a very reputable hockey equipment manufacturer. I just never bought their skates. I almost always exclusively bought their hockey sticks and their hockey gloves. When I was growing up, having a pair of Easton hockey gloves meant you were a real hockey player. They were also expensive back then.

So, what do more hockey players use Easton skates nowadays? I know I've had a relative buy a really expensive pair of Easton ice hockey skates. That's when I started to think about it more and more. Maybe they have upped their game in the hockey skate arena. If you have any opinions on your Easton hockey equipment, let me know.

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