Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Subject Of Hockey Equipment

The title of this post is just going to be called hockey equipment and it will also be the subject. Why is that? It's the main point that I want and like to talk about. I know I've been putting off the old hockey gear posts that I swear I plan on doing. I keep on saying that they will have the pictures of all my hockey stuff that I have in my possession at the moment. All of it is old hockey equipment. I've given my opinions on the brands that I liked the most. Weather those brands are still good, I don't know. I can only say which ones look good to me just by the features they have. So, what could I possibly have to say about hockey now? Well, I'm not going to talk about the NHL, because frankly it is just not interesting to me at the moment. Why are hockey players who play professionally not interesting? Well, the pro players in the NHL who play the sport aren't nearly as good as the guys I've seen growing up. I'm talking about Wayne Gretzky(I hated his roller hockey skates), Mario Lemieux, Eric Lindros, Jaromir Jagr, Sergei Fedorov and the like. Do today's NHL hockey players stack up against those guys. Not in my eyes. Why is that? They just don't have that extra oomph it takes to make them interesting. You've got guys that score a few goals on the net and then they want big endorsement deals to sell their own line of hockey equipment and they don't push it any further.

It's no secret that I've had a bit of experience using hockey helmets. I've already written a post on hockey helmet reviews. If you read that, it talks about a lovely piece of a equipment called the Mission Carbon Helmet. That was the best hockey helmet I've used. It was streamlined and lightweight. It also offered me very good protection, perhaps the best protection a helmet in a sport like hockey could offer. My Cooper helmet was alright, it was also lightweight, but very tight on my head. I think Bauer still uses that old cooper design on some of it's helmets. I like Bauer, because they are a hockey equipment company that offers variety in their designs. With some hockey stuff, you only get a certain kind of gear and that's it.

Again to reiterate some previous posts, if you want a good pair of roller hockey pants I'd go with Black Biscuit. They make very good inline hockey pants that are tough and durable. I should point out that I currently own reebok hockey pants. Reebok's roller hockey gear is good, but I feel that their pants are just a tad too heavy. If you rely on speed like me, you want something as tough and lightweight as possible. There's only so many times I can say why I like certain equipment, but I'm trying to stress the importance of speed in the sport of hockey. It, for me, is the number one deciding condition on how good or bad a player can be. I should note that faster players risk more damage to their equipment when they eventually go down and trust me, if you are a hockey player, you will at some point hit the floor.

Now that I've made my point on the pants, I'll move on to the gloves. Hockey gloves should be comfortable and not weigh your hands down. I like my gloves to be lightweight. I've preferred Jofa gloves in the past. I'd also recommend that if you play indoor hockey, or roller hockey in hotter weather, you should look for gloves with air cooling holes in them. I had those and they helped out alot. My hands would not get as sweaty with them on.

Should I choose a hockey cage or a hockey visor? Trust me, in hockey vision is important. When my eyes started getting bad, my hockey playing drastically took a nose dive. If you can't see, you can't accept passes from teammates or shoot accurately from far away. I've always used a cage in conjunction with my hockey helmets, but a visor seems like a good piece of equipment to invest in. The next time I play hockey, I'm planning on experimenting with a mirrored hockey visor and cage. I may end up cutting the wires on the cage itself to make it fit. Who knows, but next time I'm playing the sport, I'll be doing some experimenting.

I've been thinking about buying a pair of reebok hockey's RBK skates. The ones with the RBK Pump to be more specific. I always like my skates to have a tight comfortable fit. That is part of how I get the most control and speed out of my best hockey skates. Bauer has made my favorite pair of skates that I've had to date, but there's no harm in trying out other hockey equipment companies. The next hockey jersey I get will definitely be a reebok one.

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