Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hockey Equipment And the Sport Itself

I've been very busy with work, so the roller hockey equipment posts are going to have wait it off a bit more. That and the fact that my digital camera is busted. I wanted to take pictures of my old gear so that everyone could check out my skates, helmets, sticks and pads that I've had for close to ten years or more. It is definitely time to upgrade though. The next time a play a game of roller hockey, i'll have new inline skates, pants etc... It'll happen, I just don't know how soon. I still wish hockey was as popular as it used to be, but every sport has its ups and downs. Hell, I haven't even had time to play it.

Why Has Hockey's Popularity Faded?

With me personally I've always liked to play the sport rather than just watch it. It didn't matter if my favorite team was in the playoffs. I always felt, why should I watch someone else have fun playing hockey and me have to sit there at my TV. I myself am guilty of not paying attention to the sport as of late. For awhile I didn't even know that Reebok Hockey was the official equipment of the NHL. There are some reasons that I myself have fallen out of the hockey loop. I can't speak for everyone, but I can speak for me, so here it goes.

I like playing in indoor roller hockey leagues. Outdoor hockey is good too, but I prefer indoor. Usually more care is taken in those leagues, because they have to keep up with maintaining the indoor sport courts. In my opinion this is where the problems lie. These leagues have gotten so expensive. I've seen some hockey leagues that are like two hundred to three hundred dollars to join. Then their is an addtional thirty to fifty dollar fee for some type of national hockey rule registration. If that's not enough, they ask all their hockey players to pay twenty five dollars each to the referee to call all of their hockey games. Usually this is a per game fee. Some leagues even go as far as to charge a penalty fee, if a certain amount of players don't pay the referee fee. In my honest opinion, I don't want to pay half a grand to join some indoor league just to play the sport I love. There are others who would, but I think it is ridiculous to do so.

One thing I am happy about however is the fact that hockey equipment has, in my eyes, drastically come down in price. You can get discounts and closeout prices on hockey gear from a ton of stores and equipment that is from the previous year. Its best to always wait for clearance. I don't care if my hockey stuff was top of the line a year ago if I got it at a ridiculously low price. I'll go with the slightly older stuff, than the newer more expensive stuff any day of the week.

So, to sum it all up, I still love hockey. I hate the cost of hockey leagues. I hate their inflation in prices and nonsense registration fees. I don't know if the cost of maintaining a sport court rink has gone up in the past few years, but it seems like it's greed and people trying to take advantage of the people that really love to play the sport hockey. I can't wait to play in a league again, I still have to get my hockey gear and I'll let everyone know when I do and what brand it is. I haven't forgotten about the old equipment posts either, once my camera is functional I'll take so pics of my old hockey stuff.

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