Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Old Hockey Equipment

I've written a post about old used hockey equipment before. This post will be a little a different. It's more of a setup for a series of upcoming posts in which I show some of my old hockey gear. I was originally going to just lump all the pictures of all my old equipment here, but I figured why not include them in seperate portions it would make more sense. So this is just the first little article in which I'll talk about the equipment as a whole and then next few will break down each individual piece.

Before I forget, I came across a cool little blog called The Lind Hockey file. I recommend everyone check it out. It has some nice NHL information on there and an interesting discussion in the comments regarding Detroit's ability to make it to the stanley cup finals for the 09-10 season. Are the Red Wings too old to pull it off? I'm not sure, we'll have to wait and see.

The used hockey gear I'll be talking about is atleast 7-8 years old. Some of it is even older. The funny thing is, some of it is not even used anymore by anyone. What I mean by that is some of the equipment companies were bought out by others. I know you can't find my old jofa gloves anywhere anymore. They were actually a very good pair, one of the best I had owned and from what I remember, weren't too expensive. They were actually a gift, but I saw the price tag at the store.

My helmet is possibly the newest piece of equipment in the bunch. It's a Mission carbon helmet. Recently, the Mission Hockey company was bought out by Bauer. My second newest piece of gear was my Mission hockey pants. These were very good as well. It seems as though I was on a Mission kick towards the end of my hockey playing. Both those pieces of gear were purchased at an online hockey store. I had great experiences with purchasing them. Well, not the hockey pants. They actually had to be returned at least once, because they didn't fit me properly. That was more of a mistake by me and not the online store. Now I did have a problem with a pair of skates that I purchased not too long ago, but I won't mention the store here. I will say that the store itself did give me a refund for the hockey skates after I had asked for it with no problems whatsoever. That is why I won't give them a hard time.

So stay tuned for for the upcoming hockey posts. They will have pictures and a little information about each in them. Who knew old used hockey equipment could be so interesting?

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