Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hockey Equipment Update: Reebok, CCM, Bauer, Jofa

If you are wondering why my old hockey equipment posts are showing up all in one day, there is an explanation.  There was a misunderstanding with the blogger team in which they sent all those old hockey posts to a drafted state and they were no longer apart of the blog.  They emailed me and gave me notification that I am now free to republish them.  The problem is that all of my old posts are appearing ahead of my new ones.  Annoying?  Yes it is, but I don't want to dwell on it.  If you want to read my newest post(other than this one), you will see that I linked to it in the first sentence.  With that out of the way I would like to get back to what you are all here for and that is some hockey gear information.

Now those old posts talked about quite a bit of equipment from companies that are either no longer around or have been bought out by others.  I figured I should talk about that since it is kind of indirectly related to the events on this blog.  I say time and time again that we as hockey players are getting less and less choices when it comes to who we get our gear from.  All the hockey companies are partnering and buying each other out.  There's no more Mission Hockey, there is, but it's a apart of Bauer.  Don't forget that Bauer was bought out by Nike awhile ago.  You see where I am heading with this?  That's 3 seperate companies that are now one.  It gets better though.  It does not end there in the world of hockey.

Reebok has made smart business decisions.  Very smart.  Incredibly smart.  If you look at the NHL, they are all over it.  You know who used to make NHL Jerseys?  CCM used to.  Why don't they do that anymore?  Reebok bought them out.  Reebok still keeps the name CCM for certain lines of their products.  I would too, because they are a familiar and popular name in the hockey universe.  Notice though, that you don't see Jofa anymore?  Why?  Well, Reebok bought them out too!  Yep, I think they did it in the early 2000's.  Anyways, they decided that they would phase out the Jofa name and they certainly accomplished that.  I always remember Jofa, because that's what "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky wore.  I'll miss Jofa.  I always liked Jofa's pads, particularly their elbow pads.  I guess good old RBK makes those now.

Oh, I hope you've noticed the recent changes in our blog design as well.  Anything to make it more easy to read these long and boring hockey posts.  Well, to reiterate some things I've said previously, the following are some personal opinions about the state of hockey skates:

I've always had a problem with CCM skates.  Even though they lasted quite long, my foot felt as though it was in a long hallway.  In order for those hockey skates to be tight I needed to be able to do two things.  One of which I did do and the other of would have been impossible for me to even try.  First the impossible thing that no hockey player should try and do is widen their foot.  You most likely will end up breaking it.  There goes your dreams of getting into the NHL.  The second thing, which I did do, was to wear 2 pairs of socks on each foot.  Talk about blisters galore.  Always and I mean always make sure you put cotton at the back of your foot if you plan on doing this.  That's how I fixed that problem with those inline skates.

Now, if Reebok is basically CCM with a different name now, wouldn't they have the same problem.  To be honest, I haven't tried any of their skates yet.  I assume they don't have this issue with their RBK series of skates and I will explain why.  For sometime now, Reebok has revived their old sneaker pump invention and applied it to their skates.  So if they are too wide, I imagine that you just squeeze the pump a few times until it fits better.  There goes that problem out the window.  Can I confirm this for myself?  Nope, but I am guessing here.

I am also going to assume that Bauer's inline hockey skates are still made for narrow footed people like myself.  I've seen several articles that say they do.  If I had the money I would go and buy both pairs of skates and try out each.  I do not, so I'll probably get new Bauers whenever I go hockey shopping again.  The one thing that I do like is that all the big companies seem to include better skate bearings.  Back in the day, I was used to seeing abec 3's in most of the skates I bought.  It would be a pain to have to go out and buy better bearings for my new pair of skates.

Well, that's all i'm going to talk about for today.  I'm still pissed off about the old posts being removed thing.  Hopefully it won't affect this blog.  I'll be making more hockey equipment posts in the future.

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