Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Koho Hockey Blades Were Great

Koho blades, what are they? They used to be a brand of hockey stick blades. They also sold actual whole sticks, but the blades were more popular because they could be interchanged with aluminum sticks.

I know that I've mentioned this before, I think. When I played hockey growing up, I almost always exclusively preferred composite type sticks. I'll talk more about Koho blades in a second, but the reason I liked composite sticks is that they were two piece. Which means, if the blade broke, I could just buy another one. I wouldn't have to replace the whole hockey stick. I didn't like all the one piece wooden sticks, because they felt to heavy. I was a speedy player and needed something light that I could stick handle with quickly.

Now the whole Koho blade comes in because the store down the street from me always had them in stock. In fact, they might've been overstocked on them. Koho's brand also sold for much cheaper than some other brands. For example, I remember Easton blades being $5-10 more. Now, this could just be fuzzy memory, but I think once in awhile those prices would come down on the Easton ones and I would get them occasionally. I liked Easton, but they weren't as readily available as Koho.

One thing about these blades is that they lasted a long time. They were very thick and wouldn't wear down as quick as some other hockey stick blades out there. There were also some hockey player endorsed blades that Koho had. The name was usually written in black on the top. The most easy to find type of blade was their Big Curve version. I was always buying those. I will admit that it was difficult stick handling with a brand new blade from Koho because they were very thick blades, but after awhile, they were awsome.

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