Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Ice Hockey Skates

Well, I've decided to write about something different. I've written about the best hockey skates. Now it's time to find out just what exactly are the best ice hockey skates. I've never played ice hockey. I've played roller hockey, but never actually played the sport on ice. I have however, ice skated. I've also skated on inline skates as well. I've gone through my fair share of equipment in my time playing hockey. So, I know a little bit about doing both. Skating that is.

My first pair of ice skates were Bauers. These weren't the normal hockey skates though. They were almost covered in a plasitc shell. The entire boot was. This is different than normal hockey skates, which are usually made of leather. These skates were good, but they almost seemed like toys. I later upgraded to a pair of leather Bauers. I'm not sure what version they were called, but they were much better. I guess, I'm going to have to say that Bauer rules both the inline hockey world and the ice hockey world when it comes to skates.

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