Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Hockey Equipment Posts Have Been Scarce

Why haven't there been any posts for information regarding the best hockey equipment? Well, for one people have been researching my hockey blog and copying my posts. I noticed certain individuals scouting it for awhile now. So, I've moved on to better projects that will basically make this little sports information blog look like nothing. This new project will be the total hockey experience. The people doing the research to compete with me will have no chance of doing so. Will I still post here? Yes, I'll post on hockey stuff from time to time and if anyone has questions, I will answer them. I think it's a bunch of BS that I can't post any information or experiences I have regarding certain companies equipment such as Bauer, CCM, Mission, Reebok, Nike, or Cooper without that info being stolen just so some other site can compete to sell crap. Its garbage man, those hockey stores that research my blog probably will go crazy trying to compete with the new thing I have in store.

So yeah, my new project will be the total of hockey stuff that I know. Kinda like this one is, except on steroids. More information on hockey gear and other stuff. I'm going to cover all aspects of the sport. From skates in inline hockey, to the gear used in ice hockey. All kinds of equipment will be covered. It'll be awsome. I won't even have to mention anything about it here. People will find this on their own. It's going to be totally awsome. I love hockey too much to give up this type of stuff. I'll continue to give out information that I have regarding my past experience playing the sport, so you don't have to worry about that. The total amount of effort I put into this blog can be seen by just reading through my past updates. I love the sport as you can see.

I'm not going to mention any more brands and types of equipment on this blog for the time being. Because when I do, this stuff that I write ends up being used by others to sell hockey equipment from 'certain' other online hockey stores. They probably think that I don't know what they are doing, but I do. I have known for awhile now. I've been too busy working on something else that is more worth my time. So they can go after and think stealing information from this little blog all they want will help their companies. It won't. Well, that's it for now, I'll be talking about hockey equipment some more in the future.

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