Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hockey posts being copied...

It appears that someone is copying alot of my hockey posts. I'm currently trying to take care of the issue, but so far, things have been progressing slowly. The person in question followed my blog and was visiting almost everytime I updated. They were taking posts at random apparently. In some cases, they slightly reworded my posts, but on a whole they were still the same.

Hopefully, the powers that be will take care of this as I've contacted them(Google) on more than one occasion. The person copying my blog runs two sports equipment sites with ads all over them. They mix my content in with other content that looks like it might be copied as well. I'm going to have to refrain from making any hockey equipment posts until this issue is resolved. Who knows, it might be some type of automated program doing this and they might copy this post too. Anyways, I have all the evidence of this, I am just waiting...

Update: I've tried changing various settings in the blog by disabling the RSS Feed, so it doesn't notify the copier of updates, but I still will not make any new updates until the offenders websites have been shutdown.

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