Friday, July 31, 2009

Bauer Hockey Skates

I've written many great things about Bauer's company, just check out my post on Nike Bauer Vapor Skates. What do I know about Bauers' skates? Well I know that for a while they used the aluminum TUUK frame for their inline hockey skates. I think this was both before and after Nike bought out Bauer, but I'm not certain. I know that I like the way they fit me at the time. I did however change out the wheels. You see, at the time I was playing indoor inline hockey and I didn't like the wheels they came with. Not only that, but it was mandatory in the league to use sport court hockey wheels.

Are Bauer hockey skates good now? I can't say for sure, but I almost bought a pair when I was looking at some specs awhile ago. I would say the probably are if I had to guess. It would be interesting to see how they measure up to Reebok skates in a test. One day, when I decide to lace up again, it'll most likely be in a pair of Bauer skates.

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