Friday, June 26, 2009

Roller hockey equipment

I could go on and on about how all the hockey equipment is different. I'm no expert, but I do have experience when it comes to things like hockey pads and the like. For those of you that read this blog, you know that my main focus is the equipment that is used in the sport. I actually played offense, but I could play defense as well. In the sport of hockey, you sometimes have physical offensive players and physical defensive players. I was neither.

If you are either of the above, than you might not be too much into the performace of your hockey equipment. You just want to go where the puck is and check the opposing teams players. The goal for a tough hockey player is to take out other players by brute force. There's nothing wrong with that and sometimes you may want extra padding in your pads so that you don't get injured.

I on the other hand, relied heavily upon my hockey gear. I wanted everything optimized for speed. Since I was in the sport of inline hockey, I had to make sure my skates were light. I needed the boot on the skates to be stiff and tight. The frame that held the wheels had to be aluminum for long lasting life. I also wanted to buy myself the best type of roller hockey wheels available. I usually added 2 soft wheels and two 2 hard wheels to each skate. This way, when I played, I would have an good amount of speed and good amount of control. I didn't want too much of either. High level abec bearings were what I used in the wheel. This was important for speed and a smooth skating experience.

When I firsted started playing roller hockey, I knew that I wanted to be a fast player. So i worked on my speed and movement. My style of playing differed from others. I would let other people get to the puck first along the boards, because I was confident enough that I would be able to pick it off them with ease and skate away with it. This was my trick to getting alot of breakaways. Scoring was one thing, but getting breakaways was easy for me. The game of hockey relies heavily on scoring chances, so i figured the more breakaways I got, the more I would eventually score. That was my trick. Hat tricks came easily this way. Practice makes perfect wit this type of playing, but the roller hockey equipment can add 20-30% or more to how good you end up being.

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