Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reebok Hockey Skates

Ok in these past 10 years or so, A popular shoe company entered the hockey gear scene and they were called Reebok Hockey Equipment. For a while now, I've noticed Reebok hockey pads have become widely used with inline players. That is not the only equipment that they have on the up and up. Then, came their skates. Now they are the official NHL equipment carrier. That's right, Reebok and their hockey department are now officially endorsed by the national hockey league. Reebok's hockey skates have been growing in popularity ever since. My guess is that once Nike got into hockey equipment, Reebok dove in too. Well, atleast to me it seems that way. So what do Reebok's skates have to offer? Well the skates are named RBK skates. They also come in certain variations, the RBK 4k, RBK 6k, and the RBK 8k. This is the order from least expensive to the most expensive.

One of the cool things I found out about Reebok's roller hockey skates is that they brought back the pump technology introduced in the 90's with sneakers. This seems like it would be ideal for a hockey skate, because the boot needs to be tight and fastened to the player as much as possible without discomfort. You never want your foot to be moving around in a skate boot, you could fall or even break your ankle.

Aside from the overall cosmetic coolness to the skate, it seems like they would be pretty good for an offenseman. I know there are plenty of players in the NHL that use Reebok's hockey gear, and the company is a reputable footwear brand. They have have a nice set of bearings too. The RBK 6K PUMP sr. skate, which is middle of the line, comes with ABEC-7 bearings. I would always go for skate bearings that are ABEC-5 rating or above as I've found them to be the smoothest while skating. Whatever the case, they certainly do seem to have a good grasp of making skates.

RBK hockey gear is where it is at right now. The NHL wants them, now the players want their stuff. We are talking all players of the sport. Anyone who plays inline hockey, to street hockey, or to ice hockey. They are interested in this brand right now. I myself, am an avid roller hockey player. While there are many skates to choose from when playing roller hockey, I wouldn't mind trying out a pair of Reebok hockey skates if I had the chance, maybe i'll check out their pads too.

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