Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nike Bauer Vapor Skates

Not too long ago, I purchased a pair of Nike Bauer Vapor skates from an online dealer. I'm not going to say which online hockey store it was, as they threw my order around various dates and I ended up canceling. So, I never got Bauer Vapors because of poor service from some hockey dealer. That doesn't mean I won't try buying them again though. If I do decide to buy a pair of skates, I'll most likely get a Bauer brand. The Vapor hockey skates were well priced and weren't too expensive and I always thought that Bauer skates fit me better than other brands.

What's interesting about the Bauer's Vapors, are that they come in different versions. You have Vapor XXV which is usually priced between $250-300. These were the pair that I was trying to buy, I thought they were good enough for the price. I believe their highest priced skate is the Vapor x60. They can run upwards of $600. To me that seems way too expensive for a hockey skate. There's no way i'd buy a pair of skates for that price. So, until Nike and Bauer comes out with a new line of inline skates, I'll probably be buying those awsome Nike Bauer Vapor skates.

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