Monday, June 29, 2009

Ice Hockey Bags For Carrying Your Gear Are Essential

Ice hockey bags are they needed for hockey players? I think they are. Now, I've been in many hockey leagues. I've played roller hockey in outdoor leagues. I've also played inline hockey in indoor leagues. I almost always see people with some kind of bag to carry their gear. Do they all have a hockey bag? No. Some use gym bags and some use backpacks. Most don't. The problem with using a generic bag to put all your hockey stuff in, is that they will not hold everything as good as a bag that is designed to. Hell, you can have many uses for a sports bag not having to do with sports. The fact that they are so big means if I go on vacation I can just put a whole bunch of clothes and other stuff in there and off I go. I know i've jumped back and forth a little bit here, so I'm going to tell a story about when I was a young hockey player.

Hockey players need alot of expensive equipment and an ice hockey bag to carry it all. Back when I first started playing inline hockey, I would just put on all my gear and head down to the rink. I would actually skate down since it was pretty close. The more advanced you get when playing roller hockey or ice hockey, the more stuff you will need to be wearing. If you join a league, then you most likely will need something to carry your hockey gear. This is especially true when you sign up for an indoor hockey league. Indoor leagues most of the time will not want you skating into their building with all of your stuff on, especially if they have other sports and or fitness programs in their facility.

This is where your ice hockey bag comes in. I first started with a gym bag to put all my hockey equipment in it. Eventually it ripped, because it wasn't tough or big enough to house my gear. As a gift, I was given a TPS ice hockey bag. This thing was huge. It was basically a big blue bag with tough material and plenty of pockets for accessories like hockey tape, pucks or jerseys. I also used this bag for when I went on vacation or traveled. These bags are great if your a goalie, you can even use them as goalie bags if you wish. TPS ice hockey bags are so huge, you can use them to store things other than hockey stuff.

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