Monday, June 22, 2009

Easton Hockey Skates

I have a relative who just bought a pair of Easton hockey skates. He told me that they cost him like $170 or something. At first, I thought wow, the prices of hockey skates sure have come down since I first started playing. I then realized quickly that he was talking about Ice hockey skates. You see, while ice hockey skates and inline skates are similar sometimes in boot design, I imagine that is where cost similarities would end.

Ice skates have a boot and a blade. Inline skates have a boot, a frame, wheels, bearings and screws. So as you can see, an inline skate would most likely cost more. I always assumed good inline hockey skates would be between $200-300. I could be wrong as prices seemed to have dropped these past few years though. Bearings can be expensive too. I think the standard bearings that come with skates are abec bearings. If you have a pair that come with swiss bearings the price will most likely go up a bit.

There's nothing wrong with any of this, it is just something i noticed. I've always considered Easton my go to hockey company for sticks and gloves. I imagine they would make good skates too though. If anyone has a chance to try out a pair of Easton hockey skates that are for inline or ice play, let me know how they are.

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