Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheap Hockey Equipment | Yields Cheap Results

The one that thing that stinks about playing hockey is that it is so expensive. Cheap hockey equipment is the answer to that problem. Or is it? You see while hockey is an expensive sport, hockey equipment needs to be top of the line. You can buy cheap hockey stuff and you'll end up with a ton of problems when you to play. I remember I bought the cheapest helmet I could find. It was a twenty dollar Mylec roller hockey helmet. The plastic was cheap and cage on the helmet was hard to see out of. Not to mention the thing didn't fit well at all. This was when I was younger and was just starting. While it was good to have a helmet, it did not improve my skills. That is the thing with hockey equipment, if you get top of the line, you will play top of the line.

I mentioned the Mylec helmet was cheap. It was. Not to take anything a way from Mylec, they are a good roller hockey company and they make great hockey balls and roller pucks. You just need to do your research. Bauer has great helmets as do Itech and CCM. They aren't cheap though, so prepare to spend money. Sometimes you'll find discount hockey equipment online, which will help you save a few bucks. Finding stuff online you can pay a cheap price and still get top of the line hockey gear.

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