Sunday, June 28, 2009

Best Hockey Skates

What are the best hockey skates for inline hockey players? Ok this is a trick question to all you aspiring hockey players out there. I'm not going to name an equipment brand like Bauer, CCM, Mission or Reebok. My main goal of this post is to state what I believe a good inline skate should be from my own experience playing roller hockey.

Hockey skates like an other type of skates need to be stiff so that the player can control them. The goal here is that where ever your feet move, the skates should move with it. That is not all you need though. You also want the skates to be flexible even though they are stiff. This is so that you can pivot and make turns and move in and out of player traffic. Remember Hockey is a fast sport that can get crowded quickly, the ability to dodge and weave around other players is essential to obtaining scoring chances. The laces on the skates need to be tied tight as well so that it helps adhere the boot to your foot. This is all apart of what I would call the upper part of the skate.

In the lower part of the skate you focus on speed. I've talked many times about how inline hockey skates need to be fast. I've also mentioned about the need for smooth skating as well. You need to have good bearings to insure smoothness when skating. This in combination with the correct set of wheels will also help maintain grip and control when playing hockey. Everyone of these things may not seem that important to have all together, but I wouldn't even play a game of inline hockey if I was missing one of these elements. These elements, in my opinion are precisely what you need in order to have the best hockey skates for you.

There are too many hockey equipment companies out there in order to say which one is the best. I mean, Reebok, Bauer and other skate companies all have a good line of selection. While Reebok is most likely gaining popularity with it's skates due to the partnership with the NHL, I cannot fully recommend them because I haven't tried them out yet. I will say that their features do seem very cool. They've taken their shoe pump and applied it to hockey skates. How will this affect you the hockey player? I don't know. It could end up being a feature that makes you skate better.

The only company I can say for certain that made my best pair of skates would have to be Bauer. These skates were everything I wanted and more. Keep in mind, these weren't even the most expensive kind. In fact, I think they were one of the cheapest pair of hockey skates in the store at the time. I mainly liked them because they fit me real good. I actually read that Bauer skates fit better on players with a more narrow foot. I don't know if it's true, but my CCM Tacks were more wide than my Bauer skates. This in turn caused me some problems while playing hockey when I first bought them. Do you want to know how I solved it. Just wear double socks. Although doing that can cause blisters. I usually ended up putting cotton where my heal was. There's more friction in the skate if you have two pairs of socks on.

So I can vouch for Bauer. I think Reebok is a reputable company. I believe they both offer quality skates. I've had experience playing hockey with Bauer skates. The fact that I mention them all the time shows what I think of them. I think they were my best hockey skates.

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