Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bauer Hockey,Reebok Hockey and CCM Hockey Equipment

Update: Keep in mind that at the time of my writing this I was not aware that Reebok had owned CCM. The title should actually read Bauer and Reebok only. Also, it is important to point out that Nike no longer owns Bauer. Some private investor bought the company. I do however think that the swish logo is still allowed to be displayed on the Bauer's hockey gear though. The business in hockey and sports companies in general is very interesting. So many deals and what not in order to entice the players and fans to buy their products. It certainly makes everything more interesting if not confusing. I hope you enjoy the rest of this old post. I've left it as is.

3 of the top hockey companies in the world are Bauer Hockey, Reebok Hockey and CCM Hockey. Back when I was playing inline hockey, all the equipment that players were getting were either from Bauer or CCM. These two companies were the head of the hockey equipment business. A short time after Nike came into play. At first they had their own brand that I didn't think was very good, but they wised up and bought Bauer. To me, they basically used the name Nike and Bauer to increase sales. I think at the time, the most popular brand of skates were CCM Tacks. The CCM Vector skates didn't exist at this point. Bauer skates were growing too.

A short time later, Reebok entered the scene and started to get more and more popular with hockey players. I attribute this to the endorsement deals they had with some popular NHL stars. I won't mention the Mission company as they have since been bought out by Bauer. The point here is to take a look at the popularity of these companies. According to google hockey trends with these companies, Bauer hockey is the most searched for. CCM is second, but they seem to be declining on the graph. Reebok hockey has grown, but they are still not quite as popular as CCM hockey. An interesting thing to note is that Reebok has gone through spikes of popularity at certain points in time. Reebok hockey has even overtaken Bauer hockey on certain occasions.

What can be gathered from this hockey search information? Well, for one, CCM seems to be declining in searches. Bauer is still on top. Reebok, while at the bottom, can sometimes gain among hockey players. One important piece of info regarding these hockey rankings is the amount of decline of interest in these hockey companies. What does this say about hockey overall? Maybe hockey is in a slump sportswise. Either way, you can still get your hockey equipment from Bauer, Reebok, or CCM.

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