Sunday, May 3, 2009

Roller Hockey Pads

In the world of hockey, you have ice hockey pads and roller hockey pads. That's it when you are buying hockey equipment. What's the difference between the two forms of sports equipment? Well for one thing, cost. I find that ice hockey gear tends to be more expensive than roller hockey. Why is that you ask? Well back when I was younger, roller or inline hockey as its called seemed to be just starting out. All the real good equipment was made first for ice hockey. It wasn't until the early to mid 90's that companies started taking roller hockey equipment more seriously.

Since most roller hockey was being played on the street, the pads were dumbed down mostly to make it more casual. This type of hockey was pickup and play for the large part. So you would have manufactuers make cheap hockey pads made of cheap plastic. When it started to become popular to use ice hockey equipment in combination with your street hockey gear, companies took notice and started blurring the line between ice hockey and roller hockey pads.

Now when you go to purchase any kind of hockey pad, you will be buying something that is not specific to ice or inline hockey, especially in the pads equipment area. The only thing that I think is different as of right now, are inline hockey pants and ice hockey pants. There are many great pads and equipment to choose from. If I had to recommend any, I would say Jofa, Mission, and CCM all make great roller hockey pads.

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