Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hockey Equipment

Sometimes, hockey equipment or any type of sports equipment can be a pain to buy. There are so many different items to choose from. Your hockey helmets have many different companies that manufacture them. If you were to walk in to a sports store, they may not have all brands like Bauer, Nike, Mission, CCM, or Jofa. They may only have one or two. Same goes with sticks. Any time I walk in to a store, I see Easton sticks and for replacement blades I see either Easton or Koho blades.

This is most likely has to do with the area that I live in. Your hockey equipment that you find will be different depending where in the country you yourself live. Hockey stores on the east coast will be different from the west coast. In a small example, the west coast might sell different type of hockey equipment that is used during the summer time. Pro beach hockey players most likely use vented equipment to keep them from over heating in the hot sun and the high temperatures out west. Sometimes some vendors will sell these in areas that normally wouldn't carry them. So, you can get lucky and get some vented hockey gloves like I did by accident.

I've said this a million times, if you want variety or to even know what the latest hockey gear looks like, then you may want to shop at an online hockey store. Here are some words of wisdom for anyone considering this. Try and find an online dealer that sells exculsively online. I've had the displeasure of purchasing hockey equipment from a hockey shop in a different state that happens to take orders online. The end result was that they put my order on the back burner and neglected it until I spoke up about it. I ended up canceling my order for the hockey gear that I purchased and was refunded.

So, to save yourself trouble, don't be afraid to order online. There are a whole bunch of good hockey stores out there. Just make sure they have written that they only sell their products online. You don't want to be sitting around waiting for your stuff to arrive and then be told that they haven't placed an order to the manufacturer at all and your hockey equipment didn't show up in the store.

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