Sunday, May 24, 2009

NHL Playoff Games

As I sit here and write this, the NHL has the playoffs going and there are two teams that are in a heated battle. The Penguins and the Hurricanes. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like the team the Penguins have right now. I'd rather have Carolina win this series. The playoffs in hockey are a time when it's the most tough. There are fights and furious play. I know in hockey that is a given, but this is the time when the enforcers in the sport do their dirty work the most. They get the crowd going, they pick on the flashy players on the opposing teams and then they fight with the other enforcers. This is what the NHL playoffs are all about.

Like I said, I'm not fan of these Penguins. Not a Crosby fan at all. He is a good player, I just don't like him. I miss the Mario days and I miss the Jagr days. Those two were some awsome players. So anyways, not much to say other than the playoffs are the best time of the season for the NHL. They are the most exciting time to be a fan of hockey. So even if your team hasn't made it, just give a game or two a watch and you'll see some cool things going down. That's all I really have to say. I just hope the NHL can rise up from the ashes and gain some sort of popularity again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inline Hockey: Summer

Inline hockey in the summer time. Back when I was younger, we played hockey all year round. The fall and winter were the ideal times. It wasn't too hot for us wearing our hockey equipment and not too many people would be at the park using the hockey rink for something else. In the summer time, it was a different story. Not only would there be more people wanting to use the rink, but sometimes it would be difficult to play hockey without feeling sick.

If you do decide to play hockey in the summer and it is at an outdoor rink, make sure you bring plenty of water and gatorade. You can easily get dehydrated if you do not. This will happen when you are wearing all your protective equipment while playing hockey. If you overheat your body will get dizzy and you'll feel like throwing up. It's not the best feeling in the world, so all hockey players keep this warning in your head.

There are a couple of ways we used to play hockey in the summer without the heat getting to us. They aren't recommended, but I'll mention them anyway. We never used our helmets. This may seem pretty stupid to me now, but at the time it helped with the heat. In fact, our hockey pads would probably drop to only what we felt we needed. For example, I only used to wear my shin pads and gloves. I didn't wear any other hockey equipment in the summer except for the hockey pants that went over the shin pads. I wouldn't even think of putting on shoulder pads in the summer.

Speaking of shoulder pads, I always felt bad for our goalies. They on the other hand, did wear all of their goalie equipment when we played hockey in the summer. They would sometimes get sick and need a break in between playing. If you are a goalie, make sure you bring plenty of fluids if you decide to play in the summer heat. The temperature for the day is what really makes it difficult to play. If it went above 90ยบ, then we most likely would cancel our hockey for that day. In my personal opinion, it is best to play in the low to mid 80s at most in the summer. Any higher than that and it starts to become a chore to play roller hockey.

If the temperature was way to high, but we just had to play hockey, there were a couple of other options. One was to rent a skating rink out. These were air conditioned so playing hockey in them meant we could do so without the discomfort of the heat. They would require us to wear all of our hockey equipment though. The other option was to join a summer hockey league. We did do this, but they are expensive. Sometimes renting the hockey rink would be the better option. So, as you can see there are plenty of things to consider when playing inline hockey in the summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hockey Equipment

Sometimes, hockey equipment or any type of sports equipment can be a pain to buy. There are so many different items to choose from. Your hockey helmets have many different companies that manufacture them. If you were to walk in to a sports store, they may not have all brands like Bauer, Nike, Mission, CCM, or Jofa. They may only have one or two. Same goes with sticks. Any time I walk in to a store, I see Easton sticks and for replacement blades I see either Easton or Koho blades.

This is most likely has to do with the area that I live in. Your hockey equipment that you find will be different depending where in the country you yourself live. Hockey stores on the east coast will be different from the west coast. In a small example, the west coast might sell different type of hockey equipment that is used during the summer time. Pro beach hockey players most likely use vented equipment to keep them from over heating in the hot sun and the high temperatures out west. Sometimes some vendors will sell these in areas that normally wouldn't carry them. So, you can get lucky and get some vented hockey gloves like I did by accident.

I've said this a million times, if you want variety or to even know what the latest hockey gear looks like, then you may want to shop at an online hockey store. Here are some words of wisdom for anyone considering this. Try and find an online dealer that sells exculsively online. I've had the displeasure of purchasing hockey equipment from a hockey shop in a different state that happens to take orders online. The end result was that they put my order on the back burner and neglected it until I spoke up about it. I ended up canceling my order for the hockey gear that I purchased and was refunded.

So, to save yourself trouble, don't be afraid to order online. There are a whole bunch of good hockey stores out there. Just make sure they have written that they only sell their products online. You don't want to be sitting around waiting for your stuff to arrive and then be told that they haven't placed an order to the manufacturer at all and your hockey equipment didn't show up in the store.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hockey Equipment Sale

Everytime you go to get a new pair of skates or stick, you should always look for a hockey equipment sale. Now, you can find all kinds of sales and hockey discounts on the internet. The internet is full of online hockey stores with great prices. Not only that, you can specifically search for coupons on that particular sports equipment that you intend to buy. For example, if you want to buy a new hockey stick and you are looking for coupons, you might try searching for hockey sticks coupons and the name of the company you like. You could search "hockey equipment coupons" "online hockey store".

After you do some of the leg work, then it is up to you to choose your piece of gear. You can compare and contrast the different online hockey stores. I do this all the time to find out if I am really getting a discount or sale on my gear or not. I've purchased number of hockey items from online stores. I've bought everything from helmets and hockey pants,to inline skates and I always made sure I got a good deal on the equipment.

I hope all of this helped out your online hockey sales searches. There are number of different search terms you could go try, it's endless. I would love to list more of them, but to keep this short, always search for your hockey coupons before you do your online shopping. There's a zillion stores out there and I'm pretty sure that everyday there is some kind of hockey equipment sale.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Roller Hockey Pads

In the world of hockey, you have ice hockey pads and roller hockey pads. That's it when you are buying hockey equipment. What's the difference between the two forms of sports equipment? Well for one thing, cost. I find that ice hockey gear tends to be more expensive than roller hockey. Why is that you ask? Well back when I was younger, roller or inline hockey as its called seemed to be just starting out. All the real good equipment was made first for ice hockey. It wasn't until the early to mid 90's that companies started taking roller hockey equipment more seriously.

Since most roller hockey was being played on the street, the pads were dumbed down mostly to make it more casual. This type of hockey was pickup and play for the large part. So you would have manufactuers make cheap hockey pads made of cheap plastic. When it started to become popular to use ice hockey equipment in combination with your street hockey gear, companies took notice and started blurring the line between ice hockey and roller hockey pads.

Now when you go to purchase any kind of hockey pad, you will be buying something that is not specific to ice or inline hockey, especially in the pads equipment area. The only thing that I think is different as of right now, are inline hockey pants and ice hockey pants. There are many great pads and equipment to choose from. If I had to recommend any, I would say Jofa, Mission, and CCM all make great roller hockey pads.

Friday, May 1, 2009

NHL Hockey Jerseys

Everyone loves hockey jerseys, but man they can be expensive. Way back, when I was a kid, I had a cheap nhl jersey. I believe it was a CCM branded team jersey, but I can't be positive. Anyways, mine was a cheapo one. The team's logo kept peeling off, because it wasn't sewn on. It was glued on. How did I fix the cool NHL team logo that was on front? I glued it back on the jersey with crazy glue of course.

It was actually Flyers jersey. There was no players name on the back because it was the inexpensive kind. I think the Starter brand was more expensive, which I could not afford. At the time, the most popular NHL team jerseys were the Avalanche, Red Wings, Flyers, Stars, Mighty Ducks, Devils and the Penguins. Every now and then you would see someone with a Rangers jersey as well.

My point of this whole post is that you don't have to get the most expensive team jersey. In the end, all I cared about was playing hockey and If I had a blank jersey, I'd wear that. In fact, that's what I have now. I have a blank red colored hockey jersey. You can save your self money by buying a blank jersey and having a number ironed on to the back. The reason you'd want a number on the jersey, is in case you decide to play pickup hockey and someone you don't know would be able to identify you by your number.

You don't have to get a blank one though. You can still get a cheap NHL team jersey, it most likely won't be made by the name brand and the material will be alot cheaper, but to me, it's better than buying a real expensive NHL player jersey that will get torn and battered in the rough sport of hockey.