Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Hockey Equipment That Is Used

Alot of people are probably reading this and saying used hockey equipment? Why would I want dirty rank old hockey equipment used by another player? The answer is, because its cheap. I had a friend who used to buy some used equipment. I currently only know of one store that actually does this. Its' called Play It Again Sports.

Play It Again Sports

It's basically a normal retail sports store. I used to buy my hockey equipment there, they had some good deals and usually the newest brand of hockey gear that I wanted. I bought my CCM Tacks 975 there awhile back. In getting back to the idea of used hockey gear, think of it this way, you can buy a used hockey shaft that would be worth a whole bunch of money and just replace the blade on it. You can buy an old skate and repair the wheels and bearings. Hell, just get new laces and protecto, take off the wheels, buy new ones and throw some swiss bearings in them. You will be good to go and a faster hockey player in no time at a discount price.

I know, I know, you don't want equipment that stinks. It skeeves you out that you have to wear something that was worn by another hockey player. Imagine how much the goalies sweat in there equipment and it'll make you shutter. Play It Again Sports actually had a pretty nifty solution to this problem. How do we get the stink out of hockey equipment? Their answer was to throw it in a hot steam room and steam all the sweat out. Thats about as good as you'll get to having used equipment seem like new again. I mean, you can always go the hard route and try and replace the padding in a used helmet, but I would rather steam it out.

Play It Again Sports is a very good store. I bought alot of my hockey stuff there, but its very important to note that they have all kinds of sport equipment, not just hockey. So this can be applied to other types of gear as well. Weather its used hockey equipment you want, or some new stuff, this place is pretty good to shop at.

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