Thursday, September 17, 2009

Abec Bearings Or Swiss Bearings

Ok, within the past 10 years, an important inline hockey decision is still being decided on and that decision is weather to go with Swiss bearings or Abec bearings in your inline hockey skates. So is Swiss better than Abec? Well there seems to be a whole bunch of disinformation regarding the subject.

I've been an inline hockey player for a long time. I can't say too much about the performance of Swiss, because I've never used them yet. I plan on buying them someday. From what I've seen they are a bit more expensive than abec bearings. Through out my roller hockey years, I've exclusively used abec bearings, but i've made mistakes in choosing them.

Abec Ratings

Abec ratings are numbers assigned to the bearings. You'll see abec 3, abec 5 etc... The mistake I made was thinking that the numbers represented how fast they were. They don't. The numbers on abec's bearings represent certain measurements within the bearings. I will say that when I had Abec 5 vs. Abec 3, the abec 5 did feel faster. In reality, the lubricant on the bearings are what will determine your speed.

Now I've read that Swiss bearings are faster than Abecs. This is subjective and most people will tell you one thing or the other. I've read everything from Swiss having to be broken in order to be faster, to the higher Abec ratings have a shorter lifespan. In the end, the only way to determine if you should go with Swiss bearings or Abec bearings, is to buy a each and use one after the other.

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