Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hockey Equipment For Indoor Hockey Is Expensive

Is indoor hockey espensive? Short answer is, yes it is. Playing inline hockey at a local club with a sport court has its ups and downs. First I'll go through the ups of an indoor club. The surface is probably the best thing. A slick smooth tiled sport court is great to play on. You can go faster, play smoother and it is easy on the rest of your equipment. Sport clubs themselves tend to be rolling in the money. So, you can expect to see referees, well organized and well balanced teams, scoreboards and maybe even a party/gift for the winning team. Sounds good right? Not so fast player, this all costs money.

Indoor Hockey Club Downsides

Well its great to have good referees right? Well these guys tend to make quite a bit of cash. Expect to pay $25 per person per team for the services of the referees. In some instances, if you cannot come up with the money, your team may have to pay a fine in order to play the next game and forfeit the current one. That doesn't sound like fun does it?

I also forgot to mention the sign up fees. They have to pay for all of the fancy tile right? The plexi glass boards and the regulation sized nets don't come cheap either. Oh and you better believe they enforce an equipment rule. You most likely can't get away with missing a pad or two at indoor clubs. They don't want to be held liable for anything, they really want your money.

Street Roller Hockey

I'm using the term street because hockey played outdoors is played on a different surface. It is more similar to a normal street. These are the leagues that are run by your local playgrounds. They tend to be cheaper, because they are not always private. Sometimes you won't even have to pay referee fees, because the refs volunteer. The downside is that street hockey really puts more wear and tear on your equipment and gear, especially your skates. Your skates are the most expensive piece of equipment in inline hockey.

In the end, it really is up to you to chose which membership you would like to buy. Outdoor or indoor? Its really like the old saying of "Apples or Oranges?". If your on a budget, then indoor hockey may be too expensive for you.

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