Thursday, September 17, 2009

Roller Hockey Pants Not Ice Hockey Pants

Wow 2 posts in one day. Roller hockey is my sport of choice, so I will be focusing on the best hockey pants for roller hockey. I guess I should explain the difference between the two before I get into it. Roller hockey pants or inline hockey pants as some like to call them, are basically used to cover your pads and make you more aerodynamic. They also provide another layer of protection and help your shin pads last longer. The other type of hockey pants are almost like padded shorts. They come down just above the knee. You see these more in ice hockey than you do in roller hockey. The best hockey pants are basically ones that fit you comfortably.

Ok, I can't remember the brand of my first pair of hockey pants. They may have been called ahi or rhi pants or something to that effect. They were way too big. I had to roll them up and use tape just so I could skate without tripping. They were also relatively cheap. At the time I was fairly new to hockey, so anything was better than nothing. Although in this case, I'm not positive about that.

Before I go any further I want to answer a question that may be in many peoples minds. Are hockey pants expensive? You bet they are. It all depends on how good they are and what brand of pants you are buying. The second pair of pants I bought were made by Black Biscuit. The Black Biscuit pair of pants were awsome. They were made of good material and they lasted long. The downside to them at the time was that they cost $70.

The third brand of hockey pants I bought were by Mission. These were my favorite pair. They looked really sleak and were very thick, yet lightweight. They even cost less than the Black Biscuit pants. I still use this pair today and they held up great over the years. So, make sure you get your size right when purchasing a pair of hockey pants, because if they don't fit, they aren't the best and the they won't be much good to you.

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