Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hockey Goals or Hockey Nets

It is very important that when you play inline or street roller hockey that your two teams have Hockey Goals or Hockey Nets. You can call it either or, but for the sake of this article I'll refer to it as a hockey net. When I was growing up, not everyone had a net. It was usually the goalies who had nets, because they needed those in order to practice. Every once in a while, we would only be able to get one net and one goalie. This changes the game up considerably.

Playing with a half line in a hockey game is basically setting a point where if a player from the opposing team crosses the line, they now get to shoot on the one goalie. The other team also has to wait for them to cross the line before they can try to take it and recross the half line to shoot on goal. It changes up strategy and slows the hockey game down a bit, but its a way to keep playing if you only have one goalie.

When playing with friends, if we could get two hockey nets, those nets were almost always of the Mylec brand. This is one area of hockey where I would actually recommend a Mylec brand. They make good nets that last a long time. When I first started out, I had a net that didn't have a crossbar across the back top of the net. I would advise getting a net with a cross bar in the back, because the net will be bigger and more closer to regulation one although not quite as big. These nets usually come in the colors white and red. When playing with a puck, hard slapshots can sometimes rip through the weak netting that comes with it, so be forewarned.

After playing with friends for awhile, I started playing in indoor leagues. The one thing I noticed is that every indoor league I signed up for, they had a sport court with big metal regulation sized hockey nets. This is most likely has to do with them being able to afford them thanks to the steep sign up fees. The best part though, is that if you trained on the smaller Mylec hockey nets, these nets should be easier for you to score on. The difference in size is a big one as they allow more room on the sides to score. I hope this information on Hockey Nets has been helpful.

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