Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jofa Hockey Gloves For Inline Hockey Players and CCM

Ok, when I first started hockey, I wasn't using equipment that was the best of the best. Inline pants were replaced with nylon track pants. It looked close enough to the real thing. I won't go deep into hockey sticks right now, but I did use a wooden stick. This stick would often splinter, so I needed to wear gloves. I wore basic winter gloves to keep my hands from getting pieces of wood stuck in them. Cheap, but it worked.

First Pair of Real CCM Hockey Gloves

My first pair of real hockey gloves were of the CCM brand. They make good equipment. Their stuff that is more expensive though tends to last longer. Anyways, I saw the gloves at a Modells Sporting Goods store. I think I was hockey shopping for one or two other things as well. Bear in mind that at this point, I don't even think there were even any online hockey stores at the time. So whatever was in the store you went to, you ended up getting.

I saw these gloves sitting there on the rack. They were black and white, with a leather strap around the wrist. It looked cool to me. Keep in mind full leather gloves are more expensive, they last longer and I am pretty sure they protect you better too. These particular ones were not full leather, just had a leather strap with the CCM logo on it.

These were my first real pair and I used them often. I think they lasted me a year or two. I can't fully remember. What I do remember is that my hands always turned black after I played from all the dye that was used in the glove. Another thing I had to deal with was that the inner hand portion of the glove was ripped half way out. So my hand and fingers would be sticking out of it. This happened after I owned them for a few months. When I was tired of putting up with this I went on to my next pair of gloves.

Jofa Inline Roller Hockey Gloves

I had let some relatives know that I was playing roller hockey, and before you know it, I was a given a new pair of gloves as a present. It was either for my birthday, or it was a christmas gift. I can't remember, but I do remember that I loved these gloves and they lasted a few years. I was surprised, because I never really thought about looking at Jofa gloves either. I was more of a CCM, Bauer, or Easton guy.

The cool thing about these particular gloves, were that they were specifically designed for roller hockey. Possibly out door roller hockey, though I'm not sure. They had a ventilation system on the backhand of the gloves with little holes. This was for cooling. I thought it was awsome, my hands never got too hot or sweaty while playing. I loved these gloves so much, that they influenced my next pair that I would get.

2nd pair of Jofa Gloves

I liked my original Jofa hockey gloves so much, that it was the brand I went to for my next pair. Like the first set, this pair was given as a gift. Although this time, I was told to pick out a pair of gloves. I went straight for the brand that I trusted. This pair was for inline hockey, just like the first, but did not have any cooling or ventilation system. They worked like a charm though, so much so that I still have and use them to this day. They are close to ten years old and they still look pretty new.

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