Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Most Popular Hockey Equipment Brands In The Sport

Ok, i'm going to give anyone reading this the run down on the most popular hockey equipment Brands. There are many types of brands some specialize in certain types of equipment. The abec brand is a type of brand that is used in bearings for hockey skates. Abec bearings usually come with Bauer and CCM skates. Lower end cheaper skates will come with Abec 3 bearings. Higher end more expensive skates usually come with abec 5 or higher.

There is also something called Swiss bearings. Swiss bearings are competitive with abec bearings. Some players swear that these bearings are faster and are of a better quality than abec. You usually find these bearings in Mission hockey skates. I'm not positive, but I think Mission almost exclusively uses Swiss in their line of skates.

Now, my memory is a little shoddy, so the history may be a little off on what i'm about to explain here. Ok, if you are a hockey player, then you know the CCM and Bauer brand. Both of these brands are known as all around equipment brands. They make pretty much any type of gear you see in hockey. A while back, there used to be a brand called Cooper. Cooper was bought out by Bauer. After this, Nike came out with hockey equipment. Then Nike decided to buy Bauer. So even though the name is different your money may be going to the same company.

There are a so many brands to choose from, but the ones I've named are the most popular and well known. Don't forget there is also Easton, who make awsome pads and sticks. There is also Reebok, who are also growing in popularity in the hockey equipment world. So that is the low down on hockey equipment brands.

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