Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hockey Cages or Shields?

That it is the question. Do you choose hockey cages or shields when playing hockey? I'm not going to dwell too long on this topic other than to give a few thoughts and opinions on such an issue. When you choose a helmet, you most likely will have to pick weather you go with a cage or a shield. Cages are expensive, but shields are even more so.

When I was younger, we always used to play without helmets because it was easier to see. We didn't really worry about getting our heads smashed. It wasn't until we joined a league that we needed to buy helmets. I never really liked cages, they obscure too much of your vision. Up until I was about fifteen I had 20/20 vision. One day my eyes got worse and worse to the point where I needed glasses. I still played hockey without them though. Cages didn't help the issue.

My eyes got so bad that I would no longer be able to accept passes from teammates. I had to rely more on being a strong offensive player and increase my passing skills. Passing to other players that is. The problem was that anything more than 3-4 feet infront of my eyes was blurry. So if someone passed me the puck, my eyes couldn't coordinate where it was until it was already near my stick. Just think about how fast passes come at you and imagine closing your eyes until it is 1 foot away from your stick, then try to open them and judge where your stick should be. That was my problem and trust me, it was hard. I couldn't even accept slow passes somtimes.

Now, to compound these problems, my hockey helmet had a cage on it. Blurry vision, check. Cage in front of blurry vision, check. I haven't played hockey in a long time, but if i did, I would most likely go with a shield or visor. The reason I avoided these before, was because I heard that they can fog up pretty bad and to me, that would be worse than a cage. Today, I most likely would get a cage/visor combo shield. Itech makes these and they look good. This is basically my whole opinion on the hockey cages or shields question.

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