Saturday, April 4, 2009

Online Hockey Stores

So, you want to check out an online hockey store. I know what you are thinking. You are tired of going down to your local sports shop and having to wait for the product you want to come in stock. Either they don't have the brand or item you want, or they don't have it in your size. These reasons are what drive most players to shop at online stores.

The ease of use and finding your equipment is the deciding factor. You just push a button, search for your hockey gear and the pictures of choices come up. Usually, you will find some good deals too. Thanks to online stores, you can now search for special store coupon codes to enter in at checkout. All this is great, but as you would suspect, there are things you want to take in consideration when purchasing from an online sports store.

First, are you getting a good deal? You should thoroughly search the internet for all the best prices. Use Google to compare prices of other stores. You can get equipment on the internet for cheap, but you can also be way, way overpriced too. Remember, just because one online store says this is the sale price doesn't mean that is the sale price everywhere. Hockey skates are a good example of this. Some places they will be real high, others might be close to $100 cheaper.

Have you found your good deal? Great. There are two more things you need to really check before you order. These are two mistakes that I made when first purchasing hockey pants. Make sure you order the correct size. One of the main downsides of online stores, is that you cannot try on the equipment to see if it will fit. The other mistake I made was that I didn't know where the shop I ordered from was located. This can be a big deal if you need your gear by a certain date.

I ordered hockey pants from a store that was all the way on the other coast. Naturally, they took 6 to 7 weeks to arrive. When they finally did, they turned out to be too big. I then had to send them back which took another 6 weeks, and they didn't have the color in the other size. So I had to get a different color and wait another 6 weeks. You can see how time consuming an order can be when you do not go over little details. Hopefully I've shed some light on buying your hockey equipment from an online store.

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