Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easton Synergy Hockey Stick

I'm an old school inline hockey player. Lately I've been looking at the Easton Synergy hockey stick. If you are into hockey at all right now, you'll probably have seen this type of stick in stores or at the various online hockey shops. I mentioned I was old school. I'll explain what I mean by that with a question. What is the obsession with the one piece hockey stick? I don't play hockey as much as I used to. In fact, i'm virtually inactive at the moment, but every now and then I check the equipment out and I see some fads come and go. To me this looks like a fad.

One Piece Hockey Stick Fad

I'm not trying to insult any hockey players out there that prefer a one piece stick, but are you serious? You'd rather pay $79.99 - $199.99 for a super light stick? I must be missing something here. Maybe the blades on these sticks don't wear down as fast or even at all. Do they come with a warrantee? What happens if the blade breaks off? Are you just going to go out and spend $199.99 again? You could be out 400 bucks in a short amount of time. This all for a stick! I remember when skates used to be the most expensive thing in inline hockey. Not anymore it seems.

Now I know the whole replacement blade with glue may seem like caveman stuff. I always used Koho blades because they were cheap and the corner hockey store had plenty in stock, but I'd rather just have to walk down to the store and buy a new blade then go out and purchase an expensive stick every time something bad happens. The only downside I see to the replacement blades is that the glue on them sometimes doesn't hold well enough or there isn't enough on the blade. I had a problem with this a few years ago with a newly bought Koho blade that I put on my Easton E-flex. The blade didn't have enough glue on it so after a half an hour of playing it would just slide right out.

So seriously are the Synergy and Z-Bubble sticks of the world really that great? Are they worth the hefty price tag? In my eyes they aren't. I just hope these types of sticks aren't here to phase out the whole replacement blade era. Who knows, maybe i'll buy an Easton Synergy hockey stick on sale or discount to see what all the hype is about.

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