Saturday, April 25, 2009

Best Hockey Wheels

As I'm writing this write now, I have a list of what I deem to be the best hockey wheels I personally have used. Now, before you ask yourself, "What wheels are the best for my hockey skates?", you need to know what kind of player are you. Your first response will probably be that your an inline or roller hockey player. Well, of course you are, but are you fast or slow, what position do you play? Those are the real important questions you need to ask a hockey player if you want to know what type of hockey wheels to get.

Inline Skate Wheels

Wheels for your inline skates are very important and they come in different types and sizes. Lets start with the ratings. Inline skate wheel ratings are numbers with letters that determine the hardness or the softness of the wheel.

74A - softest wheel (Indoor ideal - used for grip and control)

76A - soft wheel (Indoor ideal - used for gripping with a little more speed)

78A - medium hardness wheel (Indoor ideal/Outdoor ideal - used for more speed with a little bit of grip)

80A - Hardest wheel (Outdoor ideal - Fastest speed with the lowest form of grip)

Now, when i was younger, the consensus was that you would put 2 80A wheels in the middle and 2 softer wheels on the outside(front and back wheel). Here are my recommendations for fast hockey players:

Outdoor players - 2 80A's in the middle & 2 78A's for the front and back wheel
Indoor Players - 2 80A's in the middle & 2 76A's for the front and back wheel

To those that are interested, I used to use different wheels all the time. Hyper wheels, Labeda wheels, Kryptonics wheels and Kuzak wheels were the best hockey wheels for me.

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