Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bauer Acquires Mission Hockey

Well I went to Mission Hockey's website today and saw that Bauer acquired Mission Hockey. I have been out of the loop regarding hockey companies and their business decisions as of late, so I don't know how new or old this is. I do have to say, it is not what I hoped for. I realize the economy is tough and the sport of hockey hasn't been very popular as of late, but having one company buy up all the other companies leaves little variation. Mission Hockey was a great company and they were very innovative. Mission was a standout in my opinion.

Bauer has always been solid as well. I love their inline hockey skates. They are superb in this hockey player's opinion. But our choices are dwindling. Bauer bought Cooper Hockey in the 90's. Then, also in the 90's, Nike decided to buy Bauer. Now Bauer, has acquired Mission. That's 4 seperate hockey companies that are now rolled under one roof. So your choice between 4 different companies and their products just got narrowed down to one. I understand that they buy the patents for each company's hockey equipment, but so what? What's to stop them from just slapping on Mission's name to a lackluster product in order to save money? Nothing. I'm not saying Bauer will to do that, but the potential for it to happen will always be there.

Bauer is a reputable company, maybe this will pave the way for brand new hockey equipment. Maybe the best hockey gear ever will come out of this. I just like diversity. I like picking out which company to get my hockey gear from. I like the competition that each company had with one another, because it would push them to develop better and better products. Weather it was Bauer equipment, Mission equipment, CCM equipment or Reebok hockey gear, part of the fun was having a choice. That fun is quickly being phased out. Hopefully there will be some very innovative up and coming hockey equipment companies that will survive this economy and will thrive to become leaders in the next generation of hockey gear. Until then we can look forward to Bauer acquiring Mission Hockey and what it has to offer.

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