Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alexander Ovechkin Hockey Equipment

Many of the people out there are looking for Alexander Ovechkin equipment. I did make an ovechkin related post on the website before. It was being critical of his celebrations and behavior on ice during hockey games. All of that aside, Ovechkin is one good hockey player. People's fascination with his equipment and hockey gear comes as no surprise. The same thing happened with Lemieux and Gretzky. I even wrote about my Gretzky hockey equipment in the very first post on this website.

To get right down to it, I've done some hockey gear research. So, if you want to have matching gear going with your Ovechkin jersey, then read on. CCM Vector has their own line of ovechkin sponsored equipment. This has to mean he has a deal with CCM. He also wears their Vector line of hockey skates as well. So if you want to be like your favorite player, better get some Vector hockey equipment.

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