Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hockey Equipment: Mission Carbon Helmet Review

Are Mission Carbon Helmets good you ask? Yes, they are very good hockey helmets. I used to have a helmet that was made by the company Cooper. They were bought out I think by Bauer a long time ago. I still have the helmet although it is quite small now. The cage is now used on another helmet although I think I've outgrown that too. This was replaced by a Mission brand helmet. I'd like to give some reasons why the Mission helmet is an awsome helmet, although I don't know if they are made anymore. Some online hockey stores sell them and some don't.

Carbon Hockey Helmet Is Aerodynamic

This helmet has no seams. It is not pieced together with screws at different parts of the head. It is all one piece. This means that your speed advantage may increase a bit, which is always good in a fast sport such as hockey.

Carbon Hockey Helmet Is Tough

When I play hockey, I'm like a nat. I'm quick, fast and annoying if you are the opposing player and you have the puck. About 2 weeks after playing with the helmet, I frustrated one player so much, that he took his stick and did a full swing at my head. It was quite powerful. It knocked me the hell over. Being hit in the head with a hockey stick full force is quite a shock. While the force knocked me over, I was fully protected. Pissed off, but not harmed. When I went back to the bench and looked at the helmet, there was a tiny chip of paint removed despite the full forced swing and impact. The chip was about the size of a tiny freckle. I was impressed with helmet.

Carbon Hockey Helmet Is Made Of Carbon, Not Plastic

I remember reading the about section where I purchased the helmet. It said that it was made of the same carbon fiber material that is used for race car drivers. This is great considering a whole bunch of helmets out there use plastic and can break or crack if the impact is severe.

Well that was my experience with Missions hockey helmet, do i recommend it? Yes I do.

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