Monday, March 30, 2009

CCM Tacks Longest Lasting Skates

In the previous post I mentioned my Bauer skates and how they were the best hockey skates that I've had. Well the CCM Tacks were also a good pair. They weren't the greatest, but they were the longest lasting skates that I've owned. Where the CCM Tacks' shined was the fact that they had everything you should expect from a good hockey skate. They came with an aluminum chassis or frame depending on what you want to call it. The wheels were Kuzak sport court wheels. These were awesome and last a long time. The bearings that it came with were Abec 5 bearings, which at the time were pretty fast. The bearings were also silent, a good sign of quality in my eyes.

The only thing that I did not like about the Tacks was the way the boot fit me. It did not seem as snug as the Bauer boot and I had to adjust my balance and skating in order to compensate. Needless to say the first 4-5 times I played hockey with them, I was falling alot. This pissed me off, because I never fell with the bauers. I started wearing double socks to help with this, my foot was probably too small for the skates at the time. Eventually though, I grew into them and they lasted me a good 6 years, with additional maintenancing of course. So my opinion of CCM gear is pretty high.

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