Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bauer The Best Hockey Skates

Ok, so the Wayne Gretzky brand of inline skates turned were not the best hockey skates. I hear Reebok skates are a good brand now, but back in the day I couldn't buy them, I made a bad decision and bought a bad brand. That happens. In fact, it happens a whole lot in sports, especially when a player is new to that sport. After the whole wheels splitting, bearing rattling, boot separating skates of old, I went down to my local shop to pick out a new pair and this time I made a good decision.

I was on a budget so I couldn't spend a whole lot of money. I was surprised to see a pair of Bauers that was only like $130-$145. This was well before the Bauer Vapor existed. I can't remember the actual price, but it was around that low. These skates fit perfectly, no wobbling, everything was good. They even came with abec 3 bearings, the type I had to pay for after my Gretzky ones were worn out. So the boot was snug, the wheels were only ok, but the bearings were better than my last pair of skates.

This type of skate was different, because it had like a nylon threaded boot cap at the toe. I actually needed to buy a special kind of coating to coat and protect the toe area of the skate. It was called Protectoe. It was like a black rubber cement like material that would dry and harden. It was fun, gave me something to maitenance in between games.

Earlier I mentioned the skate wheels were only ok. They lasted longer than the Gretzky wheels, but eventually cracked and split. I got these new wheels called Hyper. They were a pair of sport court wheels, because I was playing indoor hockey at the time. These coupled with my bauers were awsome. They lasted longer than my previous pair and I was happy.

After the Bauers ended up with some wear and tear, I gave them away to a friend. What happened with the Bauer skates, was that the frame had cracked a little. They weren't the most expensive things in the world, so the frame was made of plastic. Later on I learned that it was beneficial to get aluminum chassis with your skates as they would offer better control and last longer.

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