Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hockey Equipment And Athlete Endorsed Sports Products

Hopefully we can teach you how to shop for hockey equipment. Ok, you read the title "Athlete Endorsed Sports Products". My situation involved hockey equipment that a major athlete had put his name on. Lots and lots of people out there seem to think, if a major sports athlete endorses this product then it must be good. Wrong. Athletes are all about money most of the time. I would suggest buying a discounted brand name sports product from a company that is known to produce good quality equipment. For example: CCM, Bauer, or Mission. Those 3 are top hockey equipment manufacturers. While this blog is mainly about hockey equipment, alot of what you will find in here could be applied to any sport of your choice.

Now, back to what we were talking. I'm going to tell a story about an athlete endorsed product that I decided to buy back when I was younger. They were a pair of hockey skates. Inline hockey skates to be exact.

Wayne Gretzky Inline Hockey Skates

Ok, back when I was playing roller hockey or inline hockey if you want to be more precise, Wayne Gretzky was at the end of his hockey career. He was still playing in the nhl, but was only getting assists and a few goals here and there. Everyone still knew him as one of the greatest hockey players of all time though. Naturally, when I decided to join a roller hockey league, I bought Wayne Gretzky's skates. Good idea right? He was a brand name! Wrong. These skates were the worst. To put it simply, I had a pair of CCM skates that were buckle roller blade type skates. They weren't made for hockey, but they handled better, skated better and lasted longer than the Wayne Gretzky brand of skates.

How Long Gretzky's Roller Hockey Skates Lasted

Well, I just joined a hockey league and couldn't wait to try them out. They skated ok, but the boot on the skates was kind of loose and not tight. After a game or two of playing with the skates, the wheels started to rattle. They have always been noisey, but now these wheels started rattling. By the way, hockey skates with bearings that are noisey are a sign of poor quality or they are old and need to be changed. I decided to put up with the noisey bearings and keep playing. Then, BAM! The wheels started to split down the middle. I mean split in two. I could no longer skate correctly. It was like I was running. Like I was playing foot hockey. No big deal, right? I took the wheels off, bought really good inline wheels, bought some fancy abec 3 bearings, and I was good to go.

Remember when I said the skate boot was loose and wasn't tight? Well it started to rip a bit, but I was good. I had my new hockey skate wheels and bearings. I was soaring on the scoreboard. Okay not really, I had about 1 goal so far the whole season. My next goal was about to come though! It was a killer break away goal. I was flying towards the goalie, faked them out and scored!

I noticed on my skate back to the bench I was skating kinda wobbly. When I sat down, I looked at my Gretzky skate and low and behold.... The skate boot had seperated completely from the frame that held the wheels on. It was like a damn shoe now, not a skate. This marked my learning experience and first lesson on why you should never trust an athlete's own brand of equipment. I now had to find a new hockey skate and upgraded with a good choice, Bauer.

Hope you've found something useful about hockey equipment and athlete endorsed sports products.

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